Blue Tasks Resources

What are "Blue Tasks?"

At the end of each chapter of my book, Overcoming the Blues, I include “blue tasks” as an ongoing part of your journey towards healing from depression. It is my hope that you will complete a task before moving on to the next chapter. If you’re only able to do one, that is perfectly okay. Complete more tasks as you feel you are able. After you finish reading the book, the blue tasks will remain integral to your recovery process. Return to the blue tasks on a regular basis and continue to work on them consistently. The blue tasks should not be considered works of completion, but rather works in progress.

Blue Task #1 – The Song

Blue Task #6 – There’s Much More to You than Depression

Blue Task #7 – The Many Shades of Blue

Blue Task #11 – The Thought-Stopping Exercise

Blue Tasks - Comment Thread

Share your encouraging thoughts, ideas, and experiences as you have worked through the “Blue Tasks” in Overcoming the Blues. Feel free to respond to fellow users who are also working through the “Blue Tasks” in an encouraging way.


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